Marketing Strategies for Farmers

Aug 31, 2018


Marketing Strategies for Farmers

Farmers like any other economic actor strive to produce their products to meet needs and eventually to make profits out of it to meet their own needs. This fact is universal and basically incontrovertible. Therefore to meet needs farmers tend to consider the value of their products and this is determinable by asking four fundamental questions: What kind of product is it? Where to find the resources? When can it be made available? And finally, who wants it? Experts have termed this questions of form, place, time, and ownership essentially basic such that should never be ignored. The focus of this work is to bring out those marketing strategies that can help propel a farmers business to desired profit levels.

Definitional perspective
The word “marketing strategy is a coinage from two words: marketing and strategies so to better understand the concept we will attempt to give definitions to the building concepts

Marketing: this is gotten from the market and is best known as those activities or set of institutions or processes for creating, communicating, delivering, as well as exchanging valuable products to target customers. This always involves the process of researching, promoting, selling, and distributing your products or services.

Strategies: this is a detailed general plan of action or set of plans geared at achieving a set short or long-term goal.

Marketing strategies: this, therefore, is a process, model or detailed plan of action by a farmer geared at focusing and allocating his limited resources on the best available options to increase sustained awareness, sales and profits in the face of competition.

Why do you need marketing strategies?

The importance of marketing strategies cannot be overemphasized. Given that resources are scarce and competition for the available market is stiff, you, therefore, need a clear path of action if you must survive in the farming business. The following are reasons you need marketing strategies: it affords you Clear action guidelines, allow you to properly allocate roles, it is your priced weapon against your competitors, it affords you an avenue for a Better understanding your customer or market, ease of proper Allocate of limited resources, and it gives your farming business that professional edge.

Marketing strategies proper

This is all about finding people who already willing and able to buy your products. Therefore the following strategies can prove useful to your business.

• Identifying your market.
This involves knowing your target consumers, their preferences income levels, age, location spread, employment status, ethnic and religious bias, access to and usage of technology and so much more.

• Make your farm unique
Simple, clear and concise message on what makes your product from others. Be informative and alluring on the benefits of your product. This could be about the process of producing your dairy milk for instance.

• Have farm brand
A unique logo can do all the wonders here. Imagine a Nokia logo and the effect it has.

• Have a catchy tagline
Think of a phrase that embodies what your farm stands. Something simple yet gripping.

• Launch a website
The 21st century is all about connections and the internet has made things easy. So get a website for your farm. Also, consider a mobile app. You can’t imagine the reach you will get.

• Attend farm-related events
Attend events such as festivals, agro-tourism events, demonstrations, seminars, or farm open houses, farmers markets, CSAs, roadside stands, or on-farm sales associated with pick-your-own this can prove very effective in driving the needed sales.

• Join farm associations
Register with the local and international association and make your farm presence known. Visibility is an essential asset to increased sales.

• Have an excellent customer service
Perception is key, so you have that welcoming ambiance to your customers, clients, etc. customers want to feel at home while spending their money.

• Advertise.
This can be done through road shows, floats, distribution of branded t-shirts, armbands, websites ads, In-app ads. Newsletter and magazine publications, radio and TV commercials, trade fares, farmers

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